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Music Future Matter // Talks: Can a small music ecosystem affect large-scale culture change?

29/10/2021 - 29/10/2021

Music artists creating legacies grace the stage for a panel talk

Panel Discussion

Nine Nights is a black-owned and operated music business to create an ecosystem for Black culture, educating & elevating Black creative talent.

For this discussion, we will see music artists creating legacies grace the stage for a panel talk exploring the importance of community in music today. This event will also include a keynote speech by Despa Robinson, taking us through his experiences to date.

Despa Robinson is an English TV producer & music entrepreneur. After founding his first successful Grime record label, StayFresh Entertainment in 2008, Despa went on to found his next start-up, BE83 Artists, a creative content company, that specialises in content production and artist management.

From his early beginnings as a music producer/studio owner, Despa has led numerous independent label recording entities, & successfully pivoted his business into talent management & publishing.

The panel include Kay Write of Warp Publishing, Abnormal Sleepz and Layfull Stop
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