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Dance Darren Pritchard Dance – Body of Light

05/10/2015 - 07/10/2015

The Body of Light show is a 30 minute performance with one dancer and a projection screen. We use a Microsoft Kinect sensor to read the movements of the dancer and then use that data to generate and control graphics which are projected onto the dancer and the screen. The connection between the computer and Kinect is made through some open source software called Synapse and the magical imagery is generated with Apple’s free software Quartz Composer. From day-one our aim was to create a beautiful piece of professional contemporary dance that was integrated with high-end technology — and for it to be compact (tourable) and low cost.
A very popular part of the show is the Stay and Play where audience members — young and old — can experience interacting with the technology themselves.  This has proved very beneficial in settings such as Alder Hey Children’s Hospital (Liverpool) where even children with limited mobility could participate.
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