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Visual Arts Christian Asare: Love Flows

Part of: Homemakers

01/10/2020 - 15/11/2020

“Love Flows” a diptych in oils created during lockdown by multi-disciplinary Artist Christian Asare, celebrates the creative contributions of 8 Black British game changers in Manchester; Oskar Marchok, Chloe Cousins, Suriya Aisha, Aria Scere Jacobs, Tolu Ajayi, Darren Pritchard, Harvey Kennedy and Kenneth Morris – the trailblazing collective House of Noir.

Platforming QTIBPOC excellence, inspiring creativity, self-love and multicultural expression, House of Noir is a fresh Manchester based vogue house on the vibrant national scene of vogue houses, using their voices, artforms, organisations and aesthetic to proclaim and promote the Presence and Excellence of People of Colour in the UK.

Christian Asare is a Black British Multidisciplinary Artist of Ghanaian heritage based in Manchester; A trained choreographer and contemporary dancer with a specialisation in afro-contemporary dance, he is also an independent fine artist, painting in oils with a focus on uplifting afrocentric imagery, afro-futurism, portraiture and abstraction.

Want to find more about Christian Asare? Head to @xtianasare on Instagram

Want to find more about House of Noir? Head to @houseofnoirmcr on Instagram

A Black Gold Arts Homemakers commission

About Homemakers

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artistic partners and artists to combine to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home. About Black Gold Arts Black Gold Arts is a Manchester-based arts organisation working predominantly with people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. They aim to get often overlooked voices, stories and hidden histories seen and heard. They do this through film, dance, song, visual art, theatre or any other artistic medium, aiming to excite, entertain, exhibit, educate and enthral.
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