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Visual Arts Afrocentricity in Focus: Dancing with HeART

05/06/2020 - 21/12/2020

Part of: Homemakers

Presented by Christian Asare A Black Gold Arts Homemakers commission

Christian Asare will be creating a diptych of portraits of members of the Manchester QTIPOC group House of Noir, highlighting each member’s creative contributions to the enrichment of the LGBTQ+ community in Manchester.

The whole process will be documented as Christian invites you to share the development, progress and evaluation of the paintings across the period from blank canvas to finished paintings.

House of Noir is a fresh vogue house on the vibrant national scene of vogue houses – it is Manchester based and a fashion centred house, platforming QTIPOC excellence, inspiring creativity, self-love and expression and is part of Rainbow Noir

An introduction to the choreographic styles of two Manchester choreographers, audiences are invited to a series of fun interactive workshops, where they can learn and develop new techniques in oil painting and Art, and learn new choreography in various genres of Dance including Vogue (Old and New Way), Contemporary dance and Urban Fusion. Book on to a workshop on HOME’s
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