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‘EuroCamp Presents…Black Gold Arts Takeover was commissioned by Culture Liverpool for the Eurovision Cultural Festival 2023’

The first details of a two-week cultural festival – EuroFestival – which will take over Liverpool in the lead up to The Eurovision Song Contest have been unveiled.

Running from Monday 1 to Sunday 14 May, the festival will present 24 brand new commissions – 19 of which are collaborations between UK and Ukrainian artists – that will transform the city as fans from across the world descend on Liverpool.

EuroCamp Presents…Black Gold Arts Takeover – United by Music!

Black Gold Arts is going to Eurovision!   We’re kicking off three-day queer fantasia Eurocamp on Bank Holiday 8th May  — taking over Liverpool One’s Chavasse Stage, our way – with queer Global Majority* artists and allies serving you circus, family catwalk extravaganzas, bands. DJs, strollers, dance, spoken word and more, more, more!  Think of your favourite outdoor family festival, and then make it more fabulous — and all for free.

We’ll be part of EuroFest, Liverpool’s two-week-long cultural runup to Eurovision.  Eurocamp is a three-day queer celebration during Eurofest, starting with BGA’s takeover on Bank Holiday 8th May.  We’ll have over 50 artists on the day, so watch this space for more details.  Bank Holiday like you’ve never seen it – it’s going to be fierce. 

*Global Majority = African, Caribbean, Southeast, South, East Asian, Middle Eastern Diaspora communities, as well as Indigenous communities


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