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Dark Matter from Amy Watson on Vimeo.

As part of a feature documentary DEEP IN VOGUE, we are exploring the political and social meaning of Vogue as a dance form in the UK today.

We chose to focus on the HOUSE OF GHETTO for this piece; their strong political message deeply resonated with the essence of Vogue as a platform of resistance.

Formed in the ashes of the 2008 financial crash by acclaimed choreographer and dance teacher DARREN PRITCHARD, HOUSE OF GHETTO is made up of young black females; the demographic hardest hit by austerity measures, refocussing Vogue’s original mission of black empowerment to fit the modern day narrative.

From Vogue’s rise in 1980s New York to its present incarnation in the North West of England, we were struck by the grace, dignity and soul of the performers in contrast to an oppressive and colourless political regime.The dancer’s strength, fierceness and talent is yet again a yell back in the face of of the regressive right wing. In this piece we aim to showcase those qualities, casting the members of the HOUSE OF GHETTO as afro-futurist goddesses orbiting one another in an endless black space; celestial bodies preforming movements of timeless grace.


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